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What is needed for Wake on Lan

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  • What is needed for Wake on Lan

    What do you need to make Wake on LAN work with your products?

    In order for Wake on LAN to work your hardware needs to have support for WOL and it has to be enabled in the BIOS of your computer systems (refer to your owners manual for specifics).

    Next, your router/switch has to allow UPD port 7 to pass through.

    Finally, the Lieberman tool has to have successfully talked to the machine in the past so that it will know what the MAC address of the machine is.

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    Are there any security concerns with using your product with WoL? I know in my environment, while we can pass UDP traffic over port 7 fine, we cannot send broadcast packets through any of the routers. Do you have any documentation besides that of the User Guide with further details using WoL with User Manager Pro Suite?