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    Web Reporting will not accept my login. I receive the following error:
    Credentials not authorized... please try again.
    [Your account has not been granted the right to logon. Ask your administrator to grant you the right to login.

    The logins I have tried, I use to log into User Manager Pro.

    Can you help?


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    The account with which you log in to User Manager Pro will not necessarily grant you access to the website of Web Reporting for User Manager Pro.

    If your installation of Web Reporting is new, you will be automatically logged in at the end of a successful installation. At this point you must grant access permissions to a group of which you are a direct member as Web Reporting does not automatically enable permissions.

    To establish the appropriate permissions, select the Program Access tab. On the Program Access tab, select the drop down list entitled Select Access Type and select Grant All Access Types. From the Select Windows Group drop down list, select the group to which you wish to give the permissions followed by the Add Global Access Rule button.

    If you logged out following a successful installation of Web Reporting without establishing the necessary permissions, then no groups will have access to log in which will require you to run through the installer again, following which you will be logged in. At this point you can set up your required permissions.

    You may wish to view the webinar on the website entitled “Introduction to Password Recovery Console and Web Reporting Webinar.”

    If this is not a new installation of Web Reporting, you should contact the administrator in charge of the website to request that your permissions be granted.
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