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Uint32 etc. Values not showing on reports

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  • Uint32 etc. Values not showing on reports

    Good Afternoon,

    I am attempting to do an inventory report on all the workstations we currently have operational. The basic report will give me back the basic info; System Type, Model, Serial, Processor Type, etc.

    I am trying to do a much more informational advanced report where I pull the processor speed, memory amount (by selecting start and end address), disk size, using WMI Objects.

    When I set up the report, the values associated with any of the uint16, uint32, etc (or non text string values to be more accurate) will show up in the example. When I try to generate and then export the report those values are missing, while the string ones are not.

    It seems that if it can generate it in a preview, then it should be able to do it in the report.

    (oh and I am testing this using my local machine as the target to build the report. So it is pulling the preview of the values from the local machine and trying to build the report using the local machine)



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    Uint32 etc. Values not showing on reports

    Hello Marc,

    Thank you for your contribution to the forum.

    Our tests have confirmed the issue with the uint types producing blank values in the reports. It appears, possibly, that an MDAC update has caused this as this report was fully functional at release. Development has already created a fix for the issue. We will begin testing for it and will include the fix in our next release.

    Thanks Marc.
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