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Which products - Privileged User Password Management

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  • Which products - Privileged User Password Management

    I am trying to figure out which solutions I need for what I want to do.

    What I want to do:
    1) Manage passwords for privileged accounts
    2) User check in and check out of passwords for privileged accounts
    3) Manage privileged user accounts and passwords in Unix (AIX and Solaris, Linux, Windows, Oracle, UDB, SQL Server, and Sybase
    4) Manage application to application passwords in Unix.

    What I need to know
    1) Which products in the suite.
    2) Any gaps in product.
    Thanks much.

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    The solution for your scenarios is Enterprise Random Password Manager.

    1) Manages passwords for privileged accounts in a multi-platform environment.
    2) Extensive check in and check capabilities as well as work-flow process management.
    3) In addition to managing various platforms offers propagation of account passwords to services, tasks, DCOM components, COM identities, IIS Metabase accounts as well as custom propagations into binaries, text files, command line batch files, etc.
    4) The custom propagation capabilities will allow you to customize extension of ERPM propagation from Windows to UNIX.

    All the best.
    Joe Vachon
    Sales Engineer

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