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Sybase iSQL for Lieberman ERPM Application Launcher

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  • Sybase iSQL for Lieberman ERPM Application Launcher

    Sybase iSQL for Lieberman ERPM Application Launcher

    Date: March 27,2015
    Revision: 1.0

    The following document describes how to configure the Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) Application Launcher for use with Sybase iSQL.
    1. Setup Sybase iSQL and the corresponding Sybase database client correctly. The Sybase client is supplied by the database vendor, not Lieberman Software. Be sure to configure the Sybase iSQL and database client pre-requisites and test your ability to launch and connect with Sybase iSQL prior to attempting to use the ERPM launcher.
    2. Then in the application launcher configuration for Sybase iSQL set the following values:
      • Run on the jump server = ENABLED
      • Application: dbisql.exe
      • Application location: Installation path to the dbisql.exe file, e.g. c:\sybase\DBISQL\bin.
      • Command line: -host $(RemoteAccessTarget_TargetName) -c "UID=$(Username);PWD=$(Password)"

    3. Finally, select the Configure Allowable Account Types and enable Sybase iSQL for the appropriate database type: Sybase.

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