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COM+ Management from Different Versions of Windows

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  • COM+ Management from Different Versions of Windows

    Can I manage COM+/MTS/DCOM from a Windows NT4 system?

    Yes. This requires the NT4 option pack with the optional MTS component be installed. The NT4 option pack also requires at least Service Pack 4 for Windows NT 4.

    Can I manage COM+/MTS/DCOM on a newer system like Windows 2003 system from an older system like Windows 2000?

    No. COM+ interfaces can only communicate to the same version of COM+ or older. Windows NT4 has version 1.0, Windows 2000 has version 1.5, and XP and later have version 2.0.

    This means NT4 can manage only NT4. Windows 2000 can manage Windows 2000 and NT4. Windows XP/2003 can manage all versions of Windows from NT4 through Server 2003.
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