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  • COM Setup Requirements

    When trying to refresh a servers COM info I get several different erros on certain servers. On others it's not a problem. For example:

    I get the following error:
    COM Error on server {servername}: Access is denied.
    Transaction Services not installed on (or could not connect to) system {servername}.... skipping.

    I have compaied the COM services configuration between servers that I have no problem with and those I am having problems with. One thing that seems to be different is that on those that I have problems with either do not have "Network DTC Access" checked or do not have "Enable XA Transactions" checked. Not having these check do not seem to affect whether the COM components work or not. Do these two values have to be checked before COM+ Manager can access COM information or is there something else I am missing. Nothing in the COM+ Managers Guide indicates that COM Services has to be configured in any particular way. Thank you.

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    Helping to get COM+ working

    First, please review the following forum post: This outlines requirements for COM/DCOM communication between various versions of Windows.

    Next ensure that the Distributed Transaction Coordinator service is running on target systems.

    Also, ensure that your [Windows] firewall is not blocking access to port 135 and potentially %systemroot%\system32\dllhost.exe.

    Finally, the account you are running COM+ Manager as on your system, will also need to be recognized as an administrator of any target systems.

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